Mkambati and the Wild Coast Hardcover Signed (9/10) HB2


Mkambati and the Wild Coast Hardcover Signed (9/10) HB2

The Wild Coast is one of Africa’s jewels, a unique but fragile heritage. The beautiful, rugged coastline boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in South Africa and the rich marine life makes it a popular angling destination.

This book uncovers some of the mystique of the area and exposes secrets that have been known only to local people, shipwreck survivors and adventurous explorers.

Mkambati Nature Reserve lies nestled in a center of endemism where hundreds of unique species of plants wait to be discovered.

The Author describes the turbulent history of the area, colourful culture of the amaMpondo people facinating plant and animals life and marine treasures.

To quote Dr Ian Player ” It is much more than a simple guide or coffee table book, it has been well researched but combines science with the heart, and, most important of all, it is a story of our time. It is to be treasured, continually refferred to, and acted upon.”

Author : Div De Villiers and John Costello
Foreword : Dr Ian Player
Published : 2006
Sponsored by : Wilderness Safaris, Deat and the European Union Wild Coast Project.

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